with big brother

Frankie: Are you gonna have a sleep over with me? One night?

Zach: Yeah!

Zach: (already tired ;) )

"It’s just a fucking game dude and you literally changed my perspective on homosexuals. I wouldn’t say I want to be one, but you know, I love you guys, especially you obviously. You’re making the gay community look amazing, you really are."

Zach being a class act and taking the news of him going home like a champ, not a chump :’)

Frankie: So you wanna have sex now?
Zach: I don’t know, we’ll see after tomorrow.
Frankie: Oh yeah. Then there’s that.



Frankie: See you out there! *leaves bathroom*

Zach: *shakes head in the mirror*

Team America mission


Zankie being a lone for a bit


Caleb (to Zach): Maybe Frankie can get it out of you.

Frankie: I’m gonna put it in him. Can we have sex now?

Zach: (Not taking any shit trying to convince Frankie he didn’t do it.)


Veto & “Jealousy” lol

Victoria: Are you bi?
Zach: Yeah
Victoria: So are you going to have sex with frankie?
Zach: I don't think I'm there yet I would make out with guys
Victoria: Zachary is bi!
Zach: I think. But don't tell anyone.
Victoria: America, Zachary is bi!
Zach: but I'm straight tho
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