with big brother

Short goodnight chat tonight :(


"Inextricably Linked" || The Zankie Supercut
A compilation of Zankie moments to date.



'As long as we have each other's back'
Zach says
Frankie says final 2 
Zach saying he’s cutting Cody’s throat
Frankie tells him he talks bad about him to throw people off, says he calls him a lunatic
Frankie asked him to hold his hand and now they are
Frankie says he wrote in his blog to his…


3:28 am
Frankie saying he’s at the middle of everything.
He leans into zach
Frankie says he has to tell him something
Tells him something about Jocasta. Says she started crying
Then he cuddled into his neck again


Frankie: Do you want to play toss me beans into your fucking hole 

Zach: I’ll play!


Frankie says he had sex 3 days before he came
Zach asks who, then says he doesn’t have to say names
Frankie says he doesn’t remember (as a joke)
Zach laughs and says he loves him.

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