with big brother

*talking about masturbating after a long period of time*
Zach: Sometimes, you just gotta pull the trigger.
Frankie: Just have me do it tomorrow morning.
Zach: We’ll talk…

"If it’s the last thing I fucking do, i’m going to kill that bumblebee that tried to hurt my friend, Frankie."


Cool kids in hoh bashing amber.
Zach saying he’s gonna be mean to her.
‘Its amazing how much I adore you, I think I’m in love with you in a weird way’
Zachs face when Frankie said that was so cuteeeee.
Then zach saying he loved Nicole and now Frankie’s cuddling with Christine.

"Its amazing how much I adore you, it’s weird. I think I’m in love with you in like a weird way."


Zach trying to distract Frankie. x

Why don’t you just go naked? I won’t feel weird.



Zankie in hoh. Frankie says first of all, you’re amazing
Frankie telling zach that he knows zach threw him under the bus.
Zach says he never threw Frankie under the bus
‘Trust me I would never say that’
Frankie doesn’t believe him. Zach saying he never talks to Amber.

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