with big brother


How do you know when you’re falling in love with somebody? Like when you can only think about them? And it’s just like they’re always on your mind, in the back of your mind kind of. And you’re super happy when you see them?

Frankie’s face after the “He literally said I wanna fuck Frankie” 


Someone asked for the HGs talk about Zankie complete with the reenactment of the zing, so here it is!

best of zach’s diary room sessions

Donny: You can kiss Zach.
Frankie: Yeah, that’s what i’m going to do. I think he will. I think he’ll just be like *opens mouth and sticks tongue out.* Full open mouth.

Houseguests talking about Zankie tonight


Cody spills the tea about Zach wanting to have sex with Frankie to everyone and Derrick is shocked

Nicole: I didn't know that he really cuddles with...?
Christine: He cuddled with Frankie.
Derrick, Cody, Christine: Always.
He might have been in love with me. It’s possible. —Frankie about Zach, 8/22 10:57 PM PST (via banana-zachary)
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